* This example demonstrate how to write data from your "Internet of Things" to IoTtweet dashboard
 * coding from IoTtweet.com
 * Created : 2016.Sep.25
 * By Isaranu Janthong
 * IoTtweet Founder.
 * Visit us at : www.iottweet.com
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <IoTtweet.h>
const char *userid = "000149";            //IoTtweet account user ID (6 digits, included zero pre-fix)
const char *key = "nuw5ox6dm7zm";     //IoTtweet registered device key in "MY IOT Garage"
const char *ssid = "EverGreen";                    //Your-WiFi-router-SSID
const char *password = "01020304";            //Your-WiFi-password
float data0, data1, data2, data3;                               //Your sending data variable.
const char *private_tweet = "Hello";                    //Your private tweet meassage to dashboard
const char *public_tweet = "IoT";   //Your public tweet message to dashboard
IoTtweet myiot;  /*naming your devices*/
void setup() {
  /*Get IoTtweet Library version*/
  String libvers = myiot.getVersion();
  Serial.println("IoTtweet Library vesion : " + String(libvers));
  /*Connect WiFi*/
  Serial.println("\nConnect wifi...");
  bool conn = myiot.begin(ssid,password);
      Serial.println("WiFi connection failed.");
      Serial.println("WiFi connected !");
void loop() {
  //Example data generating
  data0 = random(20,80);
  //Send data from your iot to Dashboard
  String response = myiot.WriteDashboard(userid,key,data0,data1,data2,data3,private_tweet,public_tweet);
  Serial.println(response);   //Show response JSON from www.iottweet.com
  //Waiting storage data on IoTtweet cloud 15 sec.